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About ten thousand years ago, three brothers known as the Anni-Padda — Ivar, Gilad, and Aram — took an immensely powerful weapon called the Boon from a mysterious land known as the Faraway. But while they secured the great weapon, the brothers paid a tremendous price. The youngest — Gilad — died during the journey. Driven to desperation by the death of his younger brother, Ivar activated the Boon, hoping for a miracle. The resulting explosion devastated much of the ancient world. Aram, now called Armstrong, broke up the device into its six component parts — the Torque, the Wedge, the Axle, the Sphere, the Fulcrum, and the Inclined Plane — and scattered them across the Earth. In the millennia since, a vast, conspiratorial, and pan-denominational Sect has sprung up around its parts.

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