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The Betty Pages No. #1

The Betty Pages #1 is an enjoyable digest sized comic book that has a fantastic cover by Glenn Barr, is 58 pages long and includes ads on the inside front and back covers, and a tongue-in-cheek back cover that features a column and additional photo of Ms. Page.

The introductory colum is written by Joe Anderko and is a brief biography of Ms. Page, whose name is actually spelled Bettie, not Betty, as indicated on the cover. 

Also in the digest are B & W photos of Ms. Page, and are nicely positioned in the book.  Also included are some adverts for Bettie Page photographs, comics,  and collectibles, and a paper doll of Bettie Page. 

Added to the book is a page describing Robert Harrison and the variety of magazines he published during the 50's that featured Bettie Page, and there is also a great checklist of the Harrison publications so the ardent collector can locate and possibly acquire those magazines.  All written by Joe Anderko. 

Page 29, relatively in the middle of the digest, is a Welcome Column written by the late Dave Stevens, and features a couple of nicely placed photos of Bettie Page. 

The last 9 pages of the book features a brief biography of good girl comic artist Bill Ward, creator of "Torchy".  The remaining 8 pages feature a re-print of  a Torchy comic strip.  

This is a breezy book to flip through, is relatively light on content, but does have nice info for the Bettie Page fan and collector.  

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