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      Namor faces the Behemoth!
      Namor faces the Behemoth!
The Behemoth was created by Atlantean scientists to serve as a weapon if Atlantis was ever in trouble during an emergency. The Behemoth was forgotten and it lay in slumber underneath the sea for many years. The Behemoth resurfaced when powerful explosions from the surface world awakened the creature. The Behemoth threatened to destroy Atlantis when Krang was able to mentally control the creature when he forced the Puppet Master to make a clay sculpture of it. Dorma was forced to flee when the Behemoth began to attack Atlantis. Namor engaged the powerful sea brute but its monstrous strength was too much for him. Namor would control four giant electric eels and have them emit a powerful current into the Behemoth. Krang received a power feedback from the attack and the clay doll would change and become useless. The Behemoth was no longer controlled by Krang and Namor would take advantage while his enemy was confused. Namor would swim around the Behemoth and create a powerful whirlpool. The Behemoth was caught in the powerful currents and dragged into a thousand year old quicksand pit called the Quagmire of Doom.


The Behemoth was created by Stan Lee and Adam Austin in 1966 and first appeared in Tales to Astonish # 79.

Powers & Abilities

The Behemoth is a mindless brute and powerful submariner that possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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