What was your favorite scene for every avengers member

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What was your favorite scene for every avenger member in the movie?

For example, mine is:

Captain America: The scene in New York where cap is giving out orders for the avengers

Iron man: risking his life to direct the nuclear missile to the chituari mothership

Thor: the scene where he swoops into the quinjet and takes loki

hulk: swinging loki like a ragdoll

black widow: tricking loki in the interrogation and figuring out his plan

hawkeye: almost shooting loki between the eyes, loki grabs it, and the arrow explodes

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Captain America: When he threw his shield to Thor and Iron Man (I just found that badass lol)

Iron Man: The LMD scene

Thor: Fight with Hulk

Hulk: Fight with Thor

Black Widow: The fight with Hawkeye

Hawkeye: Where he shot the chitauri without looking at it

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Captain America: When he blocked Thor's attack.

Iron Man: When he charged Thor with 400% power.

Thor: When he first arrived.

Hulk: Smashed Loki, obviously.

Nick Fury: Rocket launcher.

I don't actually care for Hawkboy and Black Widow.

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I just have one scene: That 2ish minute scene where you see all of the heroes do their part/work together and it ends with the hulk and thor.

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Hulk v Loki was perhaps the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life

Thor v Hulk

Ironman catching the dude playing Galaga

Cap Jumping out of the airship (it just looked cool)

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Cap: Comparing Loki to Hitler, and the end fight when he lays down the strategies ("Hulk, smash.")

Stark: "His name was Phil."

Widow: The interrogation with Loki, where she makes him look like an idiot.

Barton: The exploding arrow.

Thor: "You humans are so petty; and tiny."

Hulk: "Puny god." XD

Fury: Effortlessly taking out a jet with a rocket launcher.

Also, shawarma.

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Stark: Every scene he is in.

Widow: every butt scene which is every scene also

Barton: the exploding arrow

Thor: the fight between him and Stark

Cap: the fight between him, stark and Loki at the beggining

Hulk: smashing loki and punching thor

Fury: the fact that he is in it.

#8 Posted by Mega_spidey01 (3080 posts) - - Show Bio

iron man vs. thor

hulk slamming loki around like a toy

captain america vs. loki

captain america black thor's hammer

thor's entrance on the jet

hulk vs. thor

hulk vs. the aliens

hulk saves iron man

iron man sending the missile into outer space

black widow attemping to bring bruce banner into the avengers

agent coulson dying

nick fury using everyone to form the avengers and fight loki

thanos being show after the credits

the avengers eating shawarma after the final credits was funny.

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