Most wanted Avenger to join team in sequel

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Great movie, we know there will be a sequel considering all the money it has made. Who do you want to see in two or three years? I apologize in advance for forgetting your favorite character in the poll. 

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Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver if indeed they are not licensed off with the X-Men.

I would say Vision, but Vision would require Ultron to be the villain, and clearly that is not the threat they set up in this one. and not to mention, for Ultron you'd need Ant-Man so... yeah...

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1.Wanda 2.Ms. Marvel 3.Vision/Black Panther

Moonknight, Iron Fist and WarMachine are also good choices, but I don't think they would work too well in the movie (too many street level guys alrdy + 2 guys in robot suits is kind of overkill)

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Black Panther with Ororo Munroe aka Storm

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  1. Hank Pym 
  2. Carol Danvers 
  3. Jan Van Dyne 
  4. Simon Williams
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black panther ! storm can't be with panther in a movie cause she's still owned by fox.

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Black Panther won't be probably appearing due to the... Err "Nature" of the Sequels main villain - so I'll be giving my vote to Ms.Marvels and her (.)(.) She's basically Marvels equivalent to WW and has Alien Space Powers so she'll be easier to incorporate in the movie

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@Meat_Spinner: Yeah it definitely depends on the villain. If its "that guy" then Ms Marvel is a good choice. But if they decide to build him up for a later movie (kind of like how they built the avengers up) then you could see another villain. If 2 is Ultron (what I'm hoping for) then you could get Pym and Wasp maybe even Wonderman or Vision. War Machine could be a seamless addition since he has already been introduced into the universe. Which also make you wonder what characters will be introduced in the solo movies in between that could then be placed into the Avengers.
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Nah, they won't do that since Marvel rea-hea-hea-hea-eally doesn't wanna make "Ant-Man/Giant Man/Wasp/Yellowjacket/any-sort-of-Hank-Pym" solo movie. I think they announced it before Iron Man and it's till going through development Hell. Besides, Marvel knows they have to higher the stakes with the next movie and honestly, Ultron isn't as big of a threat as Mr.Purplechin is.

Now what they're going to IMHO is:

- Try to incorporate the Infinity gauntlet storyline mixed with some small-ish conflict, like return of the Red Skull or such.

- Build up the Gems with each solo movies (like they did with Mandarin rings in Iron Man cartoon)

- Introduce a few new "Spaec Theemd" characters - Maybe Captain Marvel or Kang

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Hank and Janet

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1) Black Panther ( only if they do a Black Panther stand alone movie first) 2) Mrs. Marvel 3) Spiderwoman (Ultimate verion ) It might be nice to see Hank & Janet Pym, but as civilians/scientists, not as actual heroes.

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I want Black Panther.

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Quasar, that's who I forgot

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I do think the team needs another woman in the mix. Esp. one with alot of power. So Ms. Marvel would be awesome.

But my main choice is Hank Pym!...

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Moon Knight would be awesome seeing as how his powers could have stopped Loki a lot quicker, yet you can't ignore the one the only war machine! Although Iron man is the same as War Machine they need more fire power.

My vote is either Moon Knight, War machine, or Black Panther.

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Forget all them if Thanos is going to be in the movie then you have to have the red headed pleasure master Starfox. woohooo oh ya

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