Get A Chuckle Out Of The "Sweded" Avengers Movie Trailer

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Maybe it was a trash can before... now it looks like the most patriotic pie plate ever.
Maybe it was a trash can before... now it looks like the most patriotic pie plate ever.

“Sweding” (for those unfamiliar with the term) refers to the act of recreating a popular, big budget movie with absolutely no production money. Such videos are summarized, focusing on just the highlights, and they’re usually shot with props available around somebody’s kitchen and living room. The whole notion was introduced to world by the ’08 comedy BE KIND, REWIND and it’s subsequently taken off enough in the zeitgeist that there are actually whole festivals devoted to sweded movies, now. There’s on coming up in Fresno, in fact, called the Swede Fest, and its organizers have just sweded a trailer you just might have watched recently

== TEASER ==

The parallels, they're rather impressive, huh? And it’s got some in-jokes peppered throughout to hit all four corners of fun.

I didn’t really get to comment on the AVENGERS trailer when it first came out, so this is just as good an opportunity as any. Obviously, there’s not a lot the stuido can show at this point, but it still looked seriously rad. Although, to be honest, I think I was more taken by how Nine Inch Nails’ 1999 album, THE FRAGILE, has officially become the go-to source of music for any self-respecting trailer these days. MAN ON FIRE, TERMINATOR SALVATION, 300, one of those FINAL DESTINATION movies... and now this.

Not too bad for a 12-year-old album, no?

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This is just, the best.

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Car explosion, pchhhhheww.

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This honestly made me laugh... the Black Widow fart bomb was the best!

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I like the ending "So this movie is basically Ironman 3 right?"

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Poor, needy children would love to have those toy cars and trucks.

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... He worked in the title.

lol. thats exactly what i thought when i saw the trailer. Good find!

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What a waste of perfectly good toys lol.

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My stomach hurts with laughing!

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this is very funny...

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we are like the justice league but were not the justice league (ahahahahaha)


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Two minutes of my life I will never get back.

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This is just awesome !!!! XD

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I may have found something worth dedicating my life to.

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Great music

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This was funny

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Really liked the way they recreated the Marvel flipbook logo.

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"This movie is basically Iron Man 3, right?"

Lol, this is way better than the official trailer.

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I LOL'd!!! That was great.

Nick Fury - "We get ready...MFer!!!"


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I fucking laughed my ass off

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Sweding what the smuck is that?

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lmao! "i have no idea what those word mean..." great stuff

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I think changing the words to "we're like the justice league...but we're not the justice league" was brilliant. I would love to hear Trent singing about comics.

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Man, this makes me want to go Swede something...

Great stuff.

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Ooooooooh hilarity

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