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Moondragon summons the remaining four Avengers after getting into trouble with a galactic warlord. Now, the Avengers find themselves in deep space, and deep trouble, with the inhabitants of the planet Ba-Bani!

...By Divine Right!

The Avengers are compelled by an irresistable urge to immediately stop what they are doing. The team assembles at an abandoned Brookyln scrapyeard, with Moondragon's starship hovering above them.

The Avengers board the ship to find answers. The starship is empty. Before the Avengers can react, the starship leaves the Earth at full speed. A holographic recording of Drax the Destroyer appears. Drax recounts his history briefly, and explains that Moondragon and he ended a global race war on an alien world. He warns that danger remains, but before he can reveal the danger his message is cut off.

Moondragon's starship arrives at the alien world. The Avengers exit the ship and quickly find Moondragon. She greets the team, and explains that an army of war-mongers have gathered to disrupt Moondragon's peace. Moondragon insists she has only provided communications between leaders to end the peace, and prefers not to control people's minds. She asks the Avengers to help suppress the rebels.

The Avengers easily foil the rebel attack on the city. They bring the leaders before Moondragon, who declares the rebel leaders will be placed in civilian custody. Moondragon thanks the Avengers, and offers her starship to convey them home. Captain America claims the Avengers would like to remain briefly to see the planet. Captain America and Wasp tour the alien city and nearby area. They find the rebel leaders working with their army to clean up the battlefield. The rebels explain they were compelled by a mysterious force to take up arms against Moondragon and the city. Meanwhile, Iron Man tours the cities' communications center with Drax. He sees a replay of the fight with the rebels that shows Drax was watching nearby, and could have aided the Avengers. Iron Man confronts Drax; who struggles with conflicting thoughts.

Elsewhere, Thor meets with Moondragon. He accuses her of controlling the planet telepathically. Moondragon admits that she used her powers to end the war, manipulate Drax, and create the fake rebellion after Drax freed himself and summoned the Avengers. As she speaks, Moondragon telepathically causes Thor to fall in love with her.

The issue fades out with the Avengers divided. To be continued next issue.

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