etragedy's The Avengers #10 - The Avengers Break Up review

Thor vs. Herc - round 1

Despite practically reinventing the superhero team with the Fantastic Four, Marvel wasn't really able to replicate that magic in the early issues of their other superhero team, The Avengers. Aside from the occasional highlight here or there, the majority of the first year of The Avengers was pretty unremarkable.

That's how issue #10 is - back once again are Zemo, Enchantress and The Executioner, who are rapidly becoming a joke to anyone who follows this series. This time they join forces with an immortal power called, of course, 'Immortus".

There's a lot of things wrong here. To begin with, Immortus sets a trap for Rick Jones that was so ridiculous it should have netted all the teenagers in New York, with no guarantee Rick would be among them. He then leverages the capture of Rick Jones to con Captain America into bringing all the Avengers to him - a trap so transparent that it would insult the intelligence of just about any reader - yet Cap falls for it!

Add to that the fact that Don Heck's art isn't particularly great, and the fact that both The Avengers and The Masters of Evil both seem to be able to be able to pull any gadget they need out of thin air, and... well... let's just say it's not essential reading (although Immortus does make Thor and Hercules fight for the first time.)

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