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Roger Wright had designed The Starjet, a revolutionary aircraft, for the U.S. military. Soviet agents kidnaped his brother, an American colonel, in Berlin, in an attempt to extort the vehicle's plans from him. Instead, inspired by a famous masked hero of the early west, he hopped into The Starjet (F-80), and attempted to rescue the hapless hostage — but quickly found it was too late.
Declaring to the perpetrator of the deed that "No man can be complacent while such as you are bent on enslaving all Mankind", he swore to prevent future oppression as… ...The Avenger. 
The Avenger, listening to Dr. Weir
In Americomics, we learn he was among the heroes who have been asleep for many years, with the complicity of Dr. Weir - Purple Claw. Coming back from a dangerous mission to prevent Russia to hand over an American atomic bomb stranded on a deserted island, he was hit by the radioactivity of the bomb when it exploded. He was then diagnosed with cancer, he had perhaps one month to live. Dr. Weir offered him to "sleep" in this state, hoping that when he awoke, several years later, there is a way to cure cancer.    He was finally woken up 30 years later, along with some other hero (Green Lama, Captain Flash, Jet-Girl and Catman) to face a significant threat. Unfortunately, he finds that there is still no cure against cancer. 
But there was still a good news for him. In trying to bring back Jet Girl to Dr. Weir, he made the acquaintance of Femforce. He later learn that his sister is part of this team, to his surprise.

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