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Even though Midnighter disagrees with Jenny's plan, he helps Apollo to the Door r which will allow him to appear above Northern Europe where the Sliding Albion force has invaded.

Jenny then has The Carrier trace the Alibon Doors and uses the ship to reach the Sliding Albion's world. Once they are over Sliding Albion's Buckingham Palace, Jenny proceeds to destroy it with a bolt of lightning. Regis bursts out of the flames of his ruined palace completely enraged. Jenny begins to taunt him.

Back on Wildstorm Earth, the Silding Albion continue their attack. But Apollo finally recharges and begins his counter-attack.

Midnighter and Jack Hawksmoor confront Regis but he quickly shows them that he will not be an easy adversary. But as Regis is occupied with Midnigther, Jack Hawksmoor uses his powers to commune with the cities of Sliding Albion's Earth and learns of all the horrors Regis has committed. He uses this rage to burst up out of the city streets and eviscerates Regis.

Before they leave Sliding Albion, Jenny has The Doctor deal with Albion's seat of power in destroying Italy. Jenny taps into the radio frequency of the planet and delivers a message of warning to anyone who would continue Sliding Albion's ways and assures them they will meet the same fate.

Later on The Carrier, group muses about how they just did a monumental thing by changing the Sliding Albion's world. They profess that this will be their purpose now and they'll continue by taking their mission of change to the next Earth, the Wildstorm Earth.

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