Happy 50th Birthday to the Vulture

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Now I see why Dan Slott wanted to feature the Vulture in this week's Superior Spider-Man 3. It was to honor and celebrate a very important milestone for one of Spider-man's oldest foes. The Vulture's first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and according to an online comic database, although the cover month says "MAY", it actually went on sale in February 1963 (Feb. 12 to be exact). If that's the case, it means the Vulture is 50 years old this month.

So Happy Birthday Adrian Toomes. Fifty years is a long time for any comic character, but you've aged gracefully - not unlike Charles Xavier. May you stick around for 50 more!

The Vulture, in his younger days.
The Vulture, in his younger days.
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Happy B-day you cranky geezer! Sorry, I sent the congratulations too late! = )

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