Amazing Spider-Man 666 Retailer Cover (& official trading thread)

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 The cover template is generic yes, but how cool is having your local comic shop on a comic?  I plan to get a few of these, maybe even one from as many stores I can think of.  Which makes me think, would people trade with each other on the vine?  Like I send you one, you send me one kind of deal?  Like I would love a copy from a random store from a random country.   If anyone likes the idea of trading covers, this is the official thread.
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hmm...wouldn't mind having a copy from my story...but we'll see...

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I learned about this issue from my friends at Stadium Comics and I've seen their cover already.

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i was actually sorta an idiot cause i bought both the variant cover and the actual cover, i just thought it was really cool and picked it up :P

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