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Heads will roll for this......

Dan Slott begins a new arc here, and judging on this opening chapter, it looks to be a good one. After Peter inadvertently ‘creates’ a new super hero, the ideals of ‘power and responsibility’ never meant so much....

The Good

Firstly, the art. Humberto Ramos has always been suited to Spider-Man, stemming from the Big Time arcs, and here it is no different. I particularly enjoyed his depictions of the guest stars in this book. I won’t spoil who they are. Which brings about another plus point of the book: Spider-Man is a member of FF and The Avengers, and this book ties into those relationships really well too. Then there is the chemistry between Peter and Mary Jane that frankly never left. Good, more of this please. There has been far too much doom and gloom of late, or ‘super-serious’ Spidey which made him look a little pathetic, in my opinion. It’s good to see a Spider story that’s just plain fun to read.

The Bad

Very little here, but my only fear is this arc will turn out like all the others, with a flat ending. Here’s hoping it doesn’t.


Amazing Spider-Man #692 was a joy to read. I was hooked on every panel, the artwork is great, some of Ramos’ best work on Spidey yet, with a great script and character interaction also. The build up to #700 has started quite nicely.

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