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Curt Conners is still the Lizard

Here is my video review for the Amazing Spider man issue 689. Tell me what you guys think about my video review in the comments below:

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@Manwhohaseverything: I am glad to hear you liked this issue. I usually negate some points for a comic if the art is bad. I always feel like the art is as important as the writing. A comic is not a comic if it was not for the art.

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Pretty spot-on review. I've been very critical of Dan Slott's writing. In fact, most of the time, I classify it as "horrible." Not these last 2 issues though. Things have a plan, a pattern, and characters do things in synch with their motivations. This isn't Mysterio suddenly announcing out of the blue that he has paid actors to fool Spider-man, and having Spider-man figure it out with ill-conceived logic <cough*Ends of the Earth*cough> I especially like how crazy he's making Connors, but not forgetting Connors is smart, he's going to give his audience what he thinks he needs to give them to proceed to the next part of his plan. Excellent job of showing us Connors has lost his "mind"..but not his intellect. I feel like he's addicted to being the Lizard, which i think was Slott's intent. Also pleasantly surprised that Slott didn't have Spidey "figure it out" Also like Spidey's remorse in how he's handled the Lizard in the past. Reminds me of some of Batman's thoughts about the Joker. 
I still disagree with your issue rating. Lately, I think you've been rating ASM too high. This one, I think, is too low. Is the art the only reason you didn't go 5 stars? I tend to pay much more attention to the writing, the art has to be horrendous for me to downgrade a comic. I thought the art  was "good enough" so I'd actually give a Dan Slott story 5 stars. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

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