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No Turning Back Part 1 1

This issue puts a lot on the table and I am really looking forward to this storyline. The main things that happens in this issue is that we find out that Dr. Connors could be cured from The Lizard and be turned back completely into a human. But the start of this issue shows that Horizon Labs have just come back after helping Spiderman in the Ends of the Earth storyline. He then is talking to his co workers and sees that MJ is throwing him a party at her club. He then goes to the club to see MJ. He gets a call from Carlie Cooper saying that Billy Connors has been dug up and has been seen being taken away by a pale white flying man. Spiderman heads to Horizon Labs furious about what has happened and confronts Morbius The Living Vampire. Morbius ends up digging up Billy because he has found a cure to help Dr. Connors be human again. Throughout this issue they have been showing Spiderman fighting Lizard in the Sewer. He ends up stabbing the cures into his back and finally he turns back into the regular Dr. Connors again but in the end of the issue they show him about to turn back into The Lizard!

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