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As The World Burns.

Synopsis: The end of the world is truly at hand...or is it?

Wow, this issue had a lot of reveals. I wasn't entirely surprised at the big reveal in the beginning of this issue considering that within The Sinister Six there are two of the greatest perform artists in quite possibly the world. It's cool to see Mysterio and Chameleon team up despite how short it was in this issue. Their plan was great if it wasn't for Doc Ock interfering. I understand why he interfered considering that this is his (possible) final act to shine.

However, this issue goes a bit flat towards the end. The Avengers being mind controlled was predictable, yet still exciting, but it's the reveal of the technology that Oct is using that nearly falls short. It makes sense considering all the times he appeared since #600, but the impact doesn't have much weight to it. It's possible that Dan Slott will elaborate further in the next issue.

Stefano Caselli returns showing off some captivating artwork adding that dramatic tone to the series. It's appropriate considering that there's only one issue left. Caselli takes advantage of all the panels providing some great action.


I didn't really enjoy this issue as much as I did with the previous issues. With one issue left, I somewhat afraid of this story ending too quickly, despite the epilogue under Avenging Spider-Man. Maybe I should more faith in Dan Slott.

Note: Great reasoning for the Doc's secret base.

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