zexion_armando's The Amazing Spider-Man #686 - Ends of the Earth, Part Five: From the Ashes of Defeat review

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Amazing Spider Man 686

As we approach the conclusion of this arc, can Spider Man really stop Doc Ock's plan and his new Sinister Six?


The story is getting really good. While a little predictable, given the powers of the Sinister Six, but even knowing that, it doesn't diminish the effect of the end of the last issue. Sables reaction really helps sell this, along with Widow and Spidey trying to help. Even after the ruse was solved (in the most hysterical manner), Spider Man uses his wits again to make one of the Six become a turn coat. What really makes this issue memorable is the humor. Every other page is a great joke, quip, or line from Spidey/Otto/Mysterio. The art is still great and works well with both the action and the story. And finally, the conclusion ends with an amazing, shocking revelation, and one that will no doubt make Spider Man question the use of his greatest power so far: his intelligence.


None, its a really flawless issue, and another perfect addition to this arc.


If you haven't already jumped on the ENDS OF THE EARTH arc, you are certainly missing out. It has the suspense, the humor, and the action to be one of Spider Man's best arcs. Let's hope it keeps this momentum.

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