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The Last Stand of Spider-Island!

Hey there! Sorry i've been gone so long and haven't written a review in a while, but between playing and beating the Gears of War trilogy, Batman Arkham City, and working on MW3 at the moment i've had time to read the new comics I get but not time to review them. I do now though, so get ready for a bunch of reviews that I haven't had the time to get around to starting first with the conclusion to Spider-Island! 
The Plot: The issue begins with, in Central Park, Steve Rogers being dropped off by a helicopter to an old Project:Rebirth facility that the Queen is using as her headquarters with Venom already down on the ground battling the queen. Steve gets on the ground and battles the Queen but she quickly gains the upper hand. Before she can finish the fight, Venom throws Steve's shield through the Queen, but she then mutates into a gigantic spider-queen monster. Meanwhile back at Horizon Labs, Spidey and Kaine hear people coming towards the laboratory, and Spidey thinking that people are going to think somethings up if they see a long haired clone of  Peter Parker standing next to Spiderman. Peter pulls off his costume and Kaine gets it on. Just as Mr. Modell, Reed, Bella and Mr. Scraps are about to enter the laboratory, the perimeter alarm sounds and the team runs to the entrance and finds out it's just MJ. MJ asks Reed why she hasn't turned into a giant spider like other people in New York with spider powers and Reed tells her it's because of all the years of being so "close" with Peter. The team then goes back to the lab and finds "Spiderman" and Peter(in his underwear). Max explains it's how Peter works in the lab dismissing any questions from the others. Peter tells the team that he and Spiderman have some "business" to attend to in his lab and they leave. Once they get into Peter's lab Kaine changes into Peter's super sonic spidey suit and Peter changes into the old red and blues and swing off to go find a way to stop the Queen and her army of spiders. The avengers are in the middle of defending the jamming towers from spiders, when they see Steve and Venom on a helicopter with the Queen in close pursuit. Spidey and Kaine try to take out the Queen but she swats Spidey away with a giant spider- leg. Just when he's about to go splat against a wall, MJ saves him and tells him the two of them need to find a way to stop the spider-queen and her army while the Avengers hold them off. Spidey then realizes what to do and visits a police precint with MJ and finds Doc Ock's octobots and says they'll be his spider-slayer army once they find an antenna big enough to cover all of Manhattan. Meanwhile in Union Square, the Avengers make their final stand against the Queen and her army. Meanwhile, Spidey and MJ get to the Empire State Building and start hooking up the device for the antenna. Spidey then starts controlling the thousands of octobots and makes them go to Horizon Labs and dip themselves in the vat of Anti-Venom's cure and start heading towards the big battle. The Avengers are not doing so good, but the octobots then show up and start injecting the human spiders with the cure changing them back to normal. The Queen is enraged and tells all of her army to head towards the tower and stop Spidey and MJ. MJ holds off the human spiders attacking while Spidey, overjoyed that he's saving the city, saves the city. Kaine meanwhile finishes the Queen off by shooting himself through the Queen's head. Peter and MJ meanwhile, sit on the edge of the Empire State Building watching the aftermath. The End! 
Good Parts of this issue: 
- Venom throwing Steve's shield through the Queen epicly 
- Peter and Kaine teaming up ad going up against the Queen 
- The Avenger's epic battle against the Queen 
- The cover 
Bad Parts of this issue: 
- None! 
This was a great finale to spider-island. True, it has had it ups and downs but this issue was amazing! There were epic battles and action! Amazing Spiderman is on the right track and if they keep the good story arcs up and the incredible artwork this series will triumph greatly! 
5 out of 5 stars!!! 
 Pick it up for Manhattan's final stand against the Queen and her army! 

"I'm going to save everyone!" 

 Kaine goes in for the kill
 Kaine goes in for the kill

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