duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #672 - Spider-Island, Part Six: Boss Battle review

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The final showdown with The Queen.

Synopsis: Can Spider-Man stop The Queen before she spreads the infection around the world?

-What's Good?

Even when the world could turn into giant spiders, this book still manage to make me laugh with the corny jokes. The interaction between Peter and Kaine was great. I like the idea of those two working together once again. I also like the idea that Peter was able to use some certain items that were introduced a WHILE back.

Even though this is Spider-Man, it was great to see a huge cast of Marvel characters to join up for the battle against The Queen, especially those who were part of the tie-ins. In the end though, it just feels great to see that Peter saves the day once again.

Humberto Ramos once again impress me with his artwork yet again. The Spider-Queen's new form is crazy awesome to look at. I'm so amazed by how much work he did with the characters (and trust me there are A LOT of characters featured).   I could feel the energy in his work with all the action taken place in this issue.

-What's Bad?

The only negative about this issue is the beginning. The set up is from the last few pages of Venom, so those confused about Steve Rogers and Venom being in the beginning, check out Venom. Still, if you have been following the tie-ins it's not really a problem.


 Amazing issue. Spider-Island is definitely on my list of favorite stories this year. With only the epilogue left, I'm pretty sure more changes are on the way for Peter's life.

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