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She's a Detective, buddy!

So Spider-Island continues and everything moves forward.  Reed keeps working on his cure.  J.J.J keeps freakin' out.  Anti-venom keeps curing people.  The main point of this issue seems to be none of this but rather the conflict between Peter and Carlie that's been under the surface at least since May (in real life time) if not longer.  She basically is one smoking gun (metaphorically) from being 100% confident that Peter is Spider-Man.  Sure, it took MJ forever, but Carlie is a top-notch detective.  Given the whole trust thing they spoke about a few times in the last few months, this could be what makes Carlie another Ex or it could bring them closer. 
We also get a quick tie-in to Venom #6, putting that book's timeline into context. 

The end of the book  has people finally dealing with the consequences Jackal said would happen in phase 2 of the virus. 
I just have one question: who's the person at the end?  The way she's been shrouded this entire time it's like the reveal should leave us thinking, "OH, it's HER?!?!"  And maybe it's just because I've been away from comics for ~15 years, but I don't know who she is. 
I somewhat agree with the preview of the official CV review that this issue slows a bit, but I think it's important.  Also we get to see some spider fu!
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The villain at the end is Queen. She's the one who turned Spider-Man into a spider around when the original Spider-Man movie came out. He then gave birth to himself as a human and had organic web shooters for a bit. It's weird. I wasn't reading around that time, but supposedly that's who this is.

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Posted By djotaku

@el33tcapitan: I think I saw something about her on Cracked

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