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Busy Prologue... 0

The Cover:   There are 150 variants of this issue, mostly because there is the whole Spider-Man saves your LCS from mayhem approach.  I like this primary cover, however, and the colors used on the font are fricking awesome.  The Good:   This was one of the truest issues I have read when it came to characterization of everyone involved.  It's pacing and flow was superb, and I actually felt like I was reading those characters; nothing seemed forced.  I have and always will be a big fan of Casell...

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Has begun! 0

Has beeeeeeeeguuuuuuuuuuuuun!  In an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanticipation!                                                                        ...

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Spider-Island has Begun 0

     Cover I have been really excited to read this story arc ever since I heard it was coming out. So, to see this cover and to see that Spider Island has finally begun made me really happy.   Also the art for this cover was pretty good. I love the concept of the Statue of Liberty with Spider-man’s face because spider powers are taking over New York. Story Spider-man is really busy with all the things going on his life like the FF, the Avengers, his job, and his girlfriend. Now there is som...

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Spidey's life so far. 0

Synopsis: Before Spider-Island begins, a recap of Big Times till now.What's Good?There is a reason why this issue is called a prologue. This issue is packed with a lot of background, so much, that it doesn't even have any short stories like usual. Peter's been quite busy since Big Times started. On top of being Spider-Man, being part of two Avengers teams, part of the Future Foundation, working at Horizon Labs, spending time with his girlfriend Carlie and the people he care about, still dealing ...

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I Want To Like It More 0

Oh, ASM. You should be so much better! All you need is an editor!I can tell this is going to be my pet peeve with ASM. Really, I don't mind reading in comic books. It's right there in the title, book, you know? The issue is that Slott doesn't let his characters breathe. Parker should be a little manic. He should be chatty and talk too much, but Slott is too exposition heavy. Slott over-explains everything. Take the dojo training scene. Within four panels the fact that Madame Web has prognosticat...

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The beginning of possibly the GREATEST Spidey story.......EVER!!! 0

Soooo, I have nothing negative to say about this issue (except it left me anxious and wanting more). I cannot truly express how much I love Stefano Casellis' artwork especially when he draws Spider-Man (look at how he draws J. Jonah Jameson freakout...AMAZING). The first portion of the book is great it's kind of like a day in the life of Perter Parker/Spider-Man. It's great to see Peter using his scientific skills as Spidey  and then selling them to Horizon Labs as Peter and using his new suit t...

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Perfect Prelude 0

This is the perfect prelude to Spider-Island.  Spidey's finally getting everything under control.  Sure, he's having a bit of trouble juggling all his jobs: FF, The Avengers, Spider-Man, work, and girlfriend, but he's pretty confident.  The perfect beginning to a story that will throw him off and test him to be his best.  There's a lot of great humor and some great action as well.  Definitely pick it up!...

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While the idea is silly the issue is a lot of fun! 0

Spider Island is here, goofy name and all and "Amazing Spider-Man" #666 serves as the prelude to this much talked about storyline. In Spider Island, people of New York suddenly start gaining super powers, particularly spider powers. So far this has only been hinted at and we haven't been given much detail. Here, writer Dan Slott sets up the event and introduces his main characters in 30 pages of well written fun.  Slott begins this issue in a much different way than I expected. Instead of jumpi...

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A Sticky Situation 0

Spider-Man has been insanely busy recently, what with being on multiple superhero teams, patrolling on his own, working at Horizon Labs, and trying to have a relationship with his girlfriend. But the Jackal has something more troublesome up his furry sleeve for Peter Parker than a conflicting schedule. An outbreak of bedbugs have been biting citizens of New York City and giving them spider powers, and Jackal plans to use them to web the city into his control. After training in the Way of the Spi...

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wow 0

How many writers could make this work? Not many. Dan Slott can though. Everything just pulls together so nicely. If you're a long time reader this has so many beautiful little pay-offs, it's also a perfect jumping on point if you're new to the spiderverse - this madness is like the clone-saga all over again....but well written. Perfect!...

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Is it wrong I've collected a few store variants of ASM 666? 0

I am a sucker for novelty, what can I say?  I currently have three variants of this comic, two store variants and the FanExpo cover.  Finally getting to reading it is what took me a while and I really have no defense except, it is a Spider-man review from me, late or not be glad this won't be a hate review.  There is one thing about Spider-man that will forever be my love hate with the character and it is its level or writing.  Spider-man is a character that reminds me of the childish roots "Com...

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