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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #647 0

Several stories about Spider-Man and his loved ones are told, all of them revolving around Harry Osborn's Halloween-themed going away party.  The Good Since this is an anthology, it's best to focus on my favorite shorts and the one I liked the most was definitely the Gale's snarky goof on city labor unions.  Well's intense short about Harry Osborn to Vin's none-too-subtle threat was a nice change of pace and, remarkably, the first time I've actually rooted for the character. While I'm usually l...

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Amazing Spider-Man #647 Review 0

     Brand New Day ends Here! Almost all of Spidey's regular writers for the last two years come together to send him on his way and to the Big Time! Fred Van Lente tackles the first, most important, and best story here. It mainly acts as a wrap-up for quite a few of the straggling plotlines in Amazing Spider-Man lately. The art by Max Fumara didn't sell me right away, but I got into it pretty quick. It's cool how the start of the issue is about Halloween and the holiday just happend here in ...

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Brand New Day comes to a close 0

 Brand New Day ends in this issue. Pros: "Another Door" was a nice story to wrap up Brand New Day and a breather from Origin of the Species. This was mostly about Peter and Charlie's relationship (which I'm still not down with). Overdrive makes an appearance, which makes Peter goes after him in a actual Spider-man Halloween costume for laughs. The confrontation between Norman and Vin, who just got out of prison, was an interesting one foreboding something possibly in the near future. There were ...

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Readable but, that does not mean it was good 0

Cover The cover is always the same for this story arc and it is getting a little boring now. Story At a bar there is a memory sign for a girl named Oksana and the waitress says to the customer that it is not the same without her. At the Halloween store Carlie and Peter are picking out an outfit for Harry’s going away party but, Carlie does not want to go.   Then Peter says she want to go with her and the gang and Carlie gets angry because Peter does not know what he wants because she wants be hi...

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A Smattering of Spidey Delights... 0

This certainly feels like the end of an era for Spider-Man.  An epic chapter that will be remembered fondly by Spider-fans everywhere?  Probably not, but that doesn't stop this little collection of stories from being a burly and thoroughly enjoyable read.  A Spider-Man SmorgasbordWith the "Origin of Species" story-arc in the bank, what we get here is a bit of house-cleaning before Spider-Man moves on to bigger and better things.  Harry is going away with his new little rugrat, Pete is trying to ...

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Amazing Spider-Man 647, End of Brand New Day! 0

And thus it ends, Amazing Spider-Man is no longer on sale three times a month. What does it mean? Well, Brand New Day is now officially over. While many people were furious with Marvel for what they did with One More Day, which led into Brand New Day, it's now over a hundred issues later, and I find Brand New Day to have been a great success, with a plethora of great stories resulting from the change in the status quo. Yes, I joined with the start of Brand New Day. But will I leave now that it's...

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While a solid issue, a bit on the pricey side. 0

The final issue of brand new day. Amazing Spider-Man issue 647. To officialy close out Brand New Day Marvel decided to go with a anthology issue of sorts. A multitude of issues from spidey writers such as Dan Slott (Writer of the upcoming Big Time), Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, and Zeb Wells.  The stories are hit or miss and a few one them are quite good.  PROS: The first story is a solid story and it was funny seeing all the regular ASM characters dressed up (Harry as Doc Ock and Mary Jane as Jackpot ...

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Brand New Day HIT THE ROAD 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic         It's over this is the end oh thank you Jesus! Brand new day is over make way for Big time now maybe it will go back to the way it was that's what I thought when I read about this in the preview but again I was wrong. Now was this comic bad no not really it was actually kinda good and gave me a new appreciation for Harry Osborn but really this book was kinda lack luster to me for the end of a Brand new day all that really happened was Vin's return and Harry ...

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