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Not so shocking, but sparks do fly (one way or another.) 0

First off i loved the cover, so kudos to the Dave Stewart, and it sums up the story pretty well. The art inside is pretty nice, from the simple clean character designs with harsh shadows, to the beautiful backdrops. My only beef is the awkward facial expressions that pop up, but nothing that would annoy you too much (i hope).   Alot of this is Electro, so if you like Electro you'll enjoy this. What Waid tries to get you to do here is feel Sorry for the classic Villain, some might, some won't. I ...

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Electro Boogaloo 0

Paul Azaceta art reminds me of Steve Ditko's. It was some of my favorite art of ASM since issue 600. Dave Stewart colors help alot also. I have never felt so bad and agreed more with a villain since a long time but Electro is right about most of the things he said. A wonderful script by Mark Waid. One of my favorite web heads next to slott and kelly. One of the better issue since 600. Sadly the same could not be said for the black Cat Backup. The art on the backup was bad. I bet the story would ...

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Gauntlet Begining Surprisingly Good 0

     After seeing the disastrous portrayal of Doc Ock in Amazing Spiderman #600 and hearing the news that Sandman would once again embrace the dark side, I was quite worried that after Brand New Day the new team of writers and artists would just waste the older villains as cheap marketing ploys and count on the newer villains like Mister Negative and Menace to provide the interesting stories.  However, after reading Fred van Lente's short on Electro in Web of Spiderman #2 I began to hope that Ga...

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Bad Things Are Headed Spider-Man's Way 0

Originally posted on November 23, 2009.   ...

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