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THE CHAMELEON returns with a terrifying new mission that has MAYOR J. JONAH JAMESON squarely in his sights! Meanwhile, the ANTI-SPIDER SQUAD narrows its dragnet around the Wall-Crawler, and Peter Parker gets a brand new job...will it bring him closer to the newly-returned MARY JANE, or push her further away?


The Chameleon is back and his methods are getting worse. As his methods to take over a "new face" he listens to recorded phone calls and mimics the person while the person who's life he's about to take is tied on a chair. Then he uses some kind of goop on the person's face to get his mask. Then he kills the person in a tank of acid.

Over at 47th street in the Diamond District, Spider-Man is fighting Slyde, a supposed dead villain. In the end Slyde was an under cover cop sent by Mayor J. Jonah Jameson along with a whole new lot of Spider-Slayers. Spidey gets away, and arrives as Peter for a job interview, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson as his legal photographer. This job meant working under Jameson's secretary Glory Grant.

Once out, and scoring getting the job Peter's Spidey's Sense started tingling and a man dressed as the Statute of Liberty incapacitates Peter.

In the ambulance the "statue" reveals itself as the Chameleon, taking the new Mayor's photographer.

Over at the Coffee Bean Mary Jane visits the new janitor, Harry Osborn and finds out he's living there at the coffee place.

The Chameleon then takes over his methods on Peter. Then as Peter descends in the acid tank MJ calls Peter's cell phone. Mj tells the Chameleon, posing as Peter, Harry's status and asked for a date. Then Peter (Chameleon) agrees to meet Mary Jane while in the acid tank Peter, apparently disintegrates.

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