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My First ASM Issue!

I will admit...... I was one of the many people who vetoed Amazing Spider-Man for what they did to MJ.
Not until this issue I am once agin reading ASM.....

I am not going to say I loved it because even a year after OMD I am still mad MJ is gone from the picture but this was a good issue to jump back in. The story starts with the Macroverse an even prior to One More Day and with Spider-Man's mask off. During this story the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man must return to the Macroverse where now they are known as the 5 gods.The curious thing is that the statue for Spidey has no mask on which rises questions to his best friend: The Human Torch.

This is my first issue so I'm not sure ut there seems to be some continuity errors like the fact that Peter seems to know about mephisto's agreement.

The last page makes me wonder if this whole story was made just so Peter's status quo among super heroes is back to normal, also because of what happened in New Avengers #51

It left questions I want answered and had a very good cliffhanger.

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Posted By Mr. Wilson

I'm glad your back enjoying Spidey.

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