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The second part of a Spider-Man arc that will have people talking for years. Don’t miss an issue, or you’ll be sorry! Featuring art by new series artist Mike Deodato – one more reason not to miss a single issue!

At breakfast, Peter finds pictures of his attackers with May & MJ.with a note saying they can kill them whenever they want. Spider-Man contacts LaMont asking him to analyze, the handwriting impressions on Gwen's letter. Peter tries to call Aunt May, who's at Anna's house. His attacker intercepts the phone call, telling Peter his aunt has been captured and is being held at an empty factory. As Spider-Man races across town, Anna thanks the mystery man for fixing her broken phone lines. Spider-Man arrives at the factory to find a mannequin of May with a bomb, which explodes. Spidey is then attacked and taunted by "Gabe" and "Sarah". Returning to LaMont, Spider-Man learns that Gwen was pregnant with the twins (Gabe and Sarah). and also discovers who the real father was.

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