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At Midtown High, Peter enters the teachers' lounge to find "Sharon Keller" on TV talking about her affair with Spider-Man. Recognizing "Sharon" as a disguised Shathra, Peter calls MJ to assure her it isn't true but hears the doubt in her voice. elsewhere, Ezekiel sees the broadcast and decides he's been away too long. Furious, Spidey attacks the TV studio, inducing Shathra to reveal her true self on camera. Losing control, Spidey beats on her relentlessly, realizing too late that he has given in to his spider personna as Shathra wanted. Her meal now ripe, Shathra tags Spidey with a paralyzing stinger. He manages to escape in a cab. Seeing the mass of yellow cabs on the street, Shathra doesn't know which one to pursue. Fighting the stinger's toxins, Spidey stumbles into the Museum of Natural History's "The Life and Death of Spiders!" exhibit. The spiders inside completely cover him.

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