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Another Spidey Foe Debuts

I have to admit this issue while being cheesey is good. Cheese isn't lame it's goofey and lame but it gets you to laugh.So we in this issue Peter breaking a date(more troubles) We get a villian beating Spidey and uh oh Spidey's mask torn(yay more problems). Of course we get Sandman's origion and it's still gamma and nuclear involved(not surprised)Then in this story Sandman hides in Peter's school by coincidence and wants his high school diploma? He didn't ask for it in the movie nor was he actually involved with uncle Ben's death(the movie ruined that too).Of course Ditko drew a cool fight throughout the school and of course Peter tries his hand in the janitorial arts. Overall though this is a good read despite some cheese involved. If you can afford it buy it if not get it in one of the Masterwork editions for history's sake.

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    How do you beat a villain that feels no pain, that can reshape himself into any form he chooses? How do you stop the unstoppable? That is the question Spider-Man must answer in this feature length issue as he battles the latest greatest villain from Marvel The Sandman!This book felt too long to me. The increased length of the issue seemed to come at the expense of decent pace. Almost every scene took a couple of panels more than it needed to, and in the sixties the writers were very keen to fill...

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