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A great issue, but don't let the cover fool you

OK let's just get this out of the way right now, Spidey and Sabretooth don't fight in this issue, yeah the covers more then a little deceptive in that sense but read the issue and you'll be happy you did. 
This issue is the second to last part of the Assassin Nation Plot story arc and may be one of the arcs best chapters. Spidey continues his reluctant alliance with the ultra-violent anti-terrorist Solo as they fight a group of terrorists, Captain America and Silver Sable have tracked down the assassin responsible for the assassination of the Symkarian ambassador at the start of this story arc, and it is none other then Victor Creed AKA Sabretooth, who is first seen in this issue standing next to the dead body of a man who has been hung upside down and ripped apart by Sabretooth's claws (gross) A fight ensues with Cap taking on Sabretooth's henchmen while Sable goes after the murderous mutant himself, which feels like the main attraction of this issue, the fight is rather one sided at first with Sabretooth beating and slashing Silver Sable, he is about to kill her until Sable cause a cave in which Sabretooth is crushed by, Cap arrives and checks Sabretooth's pulse and says he's dead (obviously Cap had not dealt with Sabretooth before) The issue ends with Spidey, Cap, and Sable wondering who hired Sabretooth to begin with, which is revealed in the next issue. 
The issue was very well done, Michilinie's writing and Larsen's artwork compliment one another very well, the cover art while excellent does lead to a complaint, no Spidey VS Sabretooth, heck theres never even any interaction between the two characters. All that said this was the first comic book I ever read some 20+ years ago and it got me hooked. Definately worth finding a back issue copy of, especially if you pick up the other 5 parts of the story which was incredible as a whole.

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