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Eight Arms of Sheer Ass Kicking Awesomeness!!!

By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Spider-man god I love him. He's one of the best character's ever to grace the pages of comics and despite all the ups and downs he's had over the years his book still is going strong. Now as most of us know until this issue of Spider-man his villains were....lets face it guys the rent-a-cops at the mall could handle I mean one was just a petty street thug, the other master of disguise and the last just an old man in a bird suite so all in all not that impressive in terms of villains but here enters Doctor Octopus a guy nothing short of a battalion of Marines and tanks could stop and the 1st person to ever really deal spider-man a true defeat and present a true threat to the city. Well lets dig into this Classic of the Silver age and witness Spidey's 1st ever ass kicking by a Super Villain.
       Our tale begins with the Old web head stopping some thugs trying to steal a safe while wishing that he had some better Villains to fight that could actually give him a challenge as a crime fighter....Okay apparently someone has never heard the old saying of be careful of what you wish for or it might come true and wouldn't you know it it does at the US Atomic Research Center (really original name huh?) where Doctor Otto Octavius works on some dangerous atomic uhhh....stuff  while his co workers discuss the metal tentacles he uses in his experiments and how it earned him the nick name of Dr. Octopus and moments later there is an explosion the arms become linked with his mind and the radiation he's exposed to in the blast drives him just a little bit nuts as if we couldn't guess because as soon as he gets up in the hospital he gets all paranoid and take people hostage. Now this is just something I noticed as I've read the early Spider-man books everything they say they shout is there any reason for this given? No not at all that's probably the only reason this book is not 5 stars the grammar is just terrible. Okay back to the story so while Ock takes hostages back at the Bugle JJ tells Peter to go get picture of the "injured" Dr. Ock. So pete heads to the hospital and see's the hostages and tries to fight Ock but he is easily defeated and Ock even goes so far as to Pimp slap the web head....okay that has to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen a villain do to a hero of Spider-man's caliber. so after his resounded defeat at the heads of Doc Ock Spider-man considers giving up being Spider-man but while at school he is given a pep talk by the Human Torch and goes to the Atomic Research Center for one final showdown with which he manages to win with the use of some chemicals. Once again the great team of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko has done a great job making history in the world of comics This is The Angry Comic Book Critic Saying this book gets the Stamp of Approval 
Amazing Spider-man #3

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