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A Moon Knight-centric issue! Moon Knight steals some expensive loot to become the secretary of the National Crime Syndicate Directorate. Peter’s on an assignment with the Bugle to get photos of the elusive Mr. Knight, but he may have more luck encountering him as Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Moon Knight team-up to take down a gang of overzealous crooks!

A Coffin For Spider-Man!

Rumor had it that Moon Knight had turned to crime, after being caught stealing several pieces of priceless treasure. In truth, he was competing for the National Crime Directorate secretary position to steal some inside information, and Spider-Man was in with the whole plan as well.

However, the competition's final objective was the elimination of Spider-Man. The two heroes tried to pull a bluff using a fake Spider-Man in a coffin, but it failed. Nevertheless, they succeeded in retrieving the criminal information anyway by using pure and raw fists.

The Nursing Home Caper

Aunt May plays detective to stop a thief in the Restwell Nursing Home.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, The Human Torch In "Hot-Tempered Triumph!"
  • There's a 5 page backup story in this issue,The Nursing Home Caper featuring Aunt May.

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