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The birth of Fusion! Twin brothers Hubert and Pinky Fusser lead drastically different lives; Hubert is a scientist at a research firm, while Pinky is the janitor for that firm. After one of Hubert’s radiation experiments goes awry, the brothers merge into one energized being! Spider-Man takes on the energy-absorbing blasts of Fusion…and their dual personalities!


On the way to the Daily Globe, Spider-Man notices a car pile-up, and decides to help by moving the smashed cars out of the way. When he does so, the people yell at him for moving things, since the cops haven't made the report yet, and they won't be able to collect insurance. Spider-Man quickly makes his exit, thinking that he should leave the good deeds to the boy scouts. Meanwhile, at a research company, a scientist named Hubert Fussy is pleased, since a particle accelerator has been built for him, and he thinks it will help him become famous. Impatient to start, he decides to use it before it has been safety-checked, ignoring his twin Pinky's warnings about it. When he turns it on, he gets hit by raw energy almost immediately, and Pinky runs over to help him. However, when he touches his brother's skin, the two of them start to fuse together into one.

Arriving at the Daily Globe a bit late due to the traffic accident, Peter meets the Globe's new circulation manager, a man called Rupert Dockery. Peter also meets a new photographer called Lance Bannon, who's rather blunt in the comments he makes. Peter then leaves and visits Aunt May, who's visiting Anna Watson in hospital. However, Peter's only been there a few minutes when his spider-sense starts tingling, and he quickly changes to Spider-Man so that he can find out what's wrong. He finds a glowing human-shaped figure, which leaps out of the window upon seeing Spider-Man without being harmed, despite that they're six floors up. Spider-Man asks it what it is, and the glowing creature replies that it's called Fusion. Spider-Man then tries punching it, which instead of hurting Fusion, causes Spider-Man to fly backwards. However, as Fusion continues walking along, it seems to start arguing with itself, and then splits into Hubert and Pinky Fusser. Hubert thinks it's amazing how they fused together, but Pinky doesn't care, and leaves Hubert. However, for some reason Hubert collapses, and falls in front of a train. Pinky then goes to save him, and when they touch, they once more turn into Fusion.

Deciding that it's pointless to search for Fusion when he could be anywhere, Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker, and says goodbye to Aunt May and Anna Watson. After taking Aunt May to her nursing home, Peter changes back to Spider-Man, and goes looking for Fusion once more. On a hunch, he follows a cop car, and finds Fusion absorbing energy from cars nearby, hungry for the energy. After a few more fruitless attempts to punch Fusion, Spider-Man finds the two twins that make up Fusion arguing again, with Hubert wanting to go and absorb the energy from a nuclear reaction, and Pinky just wanting to stop being Fusion. Eventually Pinky once more attempts to separate the two into their normal bodies, and Spider-Man forces the two apart before knocking them out, stopping the rampage of Fusion.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies Cakes ad, "Captain Marvel Defends The Earth!"
  • Mary Jo Duffy's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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