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Photon is Another Name For...?

Continued on from Nova#12, Spider-Man and Nova are at Nova's uncle's house. Three murder suspects have just escaped, and they need to find them. Nova flies off to check a recently departed train, but can't find any of the suspects. Spidey reminds him that it's possible they left by boat, and after some investigation they find a secret A.I.M. facility at a nearby lighthouse, with the three suspects hiding there. The two easily fight the A.I.M. soldiers, but are attacked without warning by Photon, and knocked out. The two are tied to an anchor and dumped in the water. They manage to break free just before their air runs out. Spider-Man and Nova go back to Nova's uncle's house, to find A.I.M. attacking it.They leave A.I.M. for the police and find Photon inside, who they narrowly defeat. They take off his mask to learn that it was Jason Dean who was the murderer.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Iron man In Rust Be My Destiny!

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