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Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin! After recovering from a catatonic state, Kingpin finds himself back in villainous form. Peter receives a surprise gift of furniture from his closest friends, but before he can relish the moment, he must consider where things stand with MJ. Will Peter be able to be honest with himself…and the girl he loves?

All the Kingpin's Men!

At the start of this issue, Spider-Man is travelling around on the roof of a truck on the highway, when he notices a helicopter nearby. After keeping an eye on it for a few minutes, the helicopter uses a crane to steal a truck. Spider-Man then uses his webs to get to the helicopter, where he finds it being stolen by some thugs that he's encountered a bit recently (in Amazing Spider-Man #153, #154, and #160). Whilst Spider-Man fights off some of the thugs, some others use jet packs to go around to the back of the truck, and steal a device from it. One of the thugs then drops the truck, with Spider-Man still on it, whilst the thugs make it back to the helicopter with their jet packs. However, a mysterious hand slaps the man who dropped the truck, telling him that Spider-Man isn't to die. Fortunately, Spider-Man manages to wrap himself up in webbing, so that when he crashes, the impact doesn't kill him.

Spider-Man then changes to Peter Parker, and heads to Mary Jane's apartment, but she's not at home. Peter then heads to his apartment, where he finds his friends have thrown him a surprise party. Glory Grant explains to Peter that since she noticed Peter has virtually no furniture, she threw a party for his friends to get him some. Peter tries approaching Mary Jane to talk to her about their relationship, but Flash Thompson comes over and Peter goes away, not wanting to talk to Mary Jane with other people listening. Peter heads up to the roof, thinking about how unlucky he's been with women, when Harry Osborn and Liz Allen also head to the roof for a private moment. Peter then heads back to his apartment.

Later that day, Peter has changed to Spider-Man, and is heading to an abandoned movie studio. He thinks to himself about all the research he did into anywhere that's used a lot of electricity that shouldn't be, since the henchmen that he fought would have needed a ton for their equipment. Whilst sneaking around the studio, Spider-Man finds an office, and inside it finds his old foe the Kingpin. The Kingpin says to Spider-Man that he's wanted him to find him, since he has plans for him. The two then engage in a violent fight, ending when the Kinpin manages to get Spider-Man with his trick tie pin, which shoots out gas when Spider-Man gets too close to it. Spider-Man is knocked unconscious, and when he wakes up, he finds himself strapped to a table, with the Kingpin nearby. The Kingpin tells Spider-Man to look at the figure next to him (whose face is blocked from the reader), and that he's going to steal Spider-Man's life force to bring him back to life.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, "Thor And The False Immortal"

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