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So here we see the intoruction of Green Goblin: YAY! i mean he's on of my favourite villains along with carnage.


Spidey is doing his thing. Y'know fighting crime etc. But meanwhile The Green Goblin's plans are in progress. As he finishes all his gadgets, tells a movie director he can get spider-man in a movie (obviously a trap) and that if he films it it'll make millions. And he goes to the Enforcers (the Big Man's Henchman introduced in Issue 10) to help him. When Gobby tells The Wall Crawler his plan for the movie Spider-man accepts thinking it could pay the bills for his aunt. When Spidey comes to the set he instantly get's attacked. Things really heat up when the Hulk attacks all 5 of them since the set was next to the Hulk's cave.


Story. I like the idea of having 5 villains in the mix but then again i could read a story about The Sinister Six. But if they were gonna introduce a new character i would just stick with Gobby and maybe Hulk. Also this time the identity of the villain is a secret. I like that it throws off a twist. It isn't like: O I MAX DILLON THE MIGHTY ELECTRO BLAH BLAH BLAH. It makes it a mystery. I really like that.


I feel like Goblin wasn't the main villain. With The Enforcers getting involved and The Hulk, it Felt like there was no real confrontation with Spider-Man And GG. They focused so much on marketing that they didn't focus on the actual story itself.

overall: 7/10

I mean yes i would read it once or twice but the issue could have been better. But for what it had it was good.

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