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Spider-Man uncovers the truth behind Doc Ock’s interest in Aunt May. Just before Spidey can interrupt the wedding between sworn enemy and beloved aunt, Hammerhead’s lackeys arrive on the scene. Will Spider-Man be able to save the most important woman in his life?

At the end of last issue, Spider-Man found out that his Aunt May was marrying Doctor Octopus. As he watches them being married, Hammerhead and his men burst in, about to capture Aunt May. Although they manage to get rid of Octopus's men, Octopus himself keeps them at bay with his tentacles, and escapes with Aunt May. Octopus manages to escape in a helicopter that was hidden, and Hammerhead and his men soon follow, with Spider-Man clinging onto the bottom of Hammerhead's helicopter.

Hammerhead soon reaches a Canadian Island which Aunt May recently inherited, and which is the reason Doctor Octopus almost married her. Although Hammerhead thinks it is worthless, he doesn't know that it has a rich supply of uranium, as well as some nuclear reactors on it. Spider-Man gets off Hammerhead's helicopter, then starts fighting Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man manages to temporarily knock out Doctor Octopus, then goes into the nuclear power plant to try and lose Octopus's men, taking Aunt May with him. Octopus wakes up a few moments later, and chases after Spider-Man, with Hammerhead and his men chasing Octopus. Inside the plant, Spider-Man finds a plane which has been modified so that it's incredibly easy to fly, and flies out with Aunt May.

Meanwhile, Hammerhead confronts Doctor Octopus, who is standing in front of a nuclear reactor. Hammerhead charges at Octopus head first, whilst Octopus yells at him not to. There is then a massive nuclear explosion, which Spider-Man and Aunt May fortunately escape.

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