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Spider-Man fights the Monks of the Light and their leader the Giant One.

At the conclusion of the previous issue, Flash Thompson got in a car which pulled up and was driven away mysteriously. At the start of this issue, Spider-Man is following Flash's car, when a truck cuts in front of it on purpose. Another car blocks the car Flash is in from the back, effectively trapping them. The cars that have blocked Flash's car then throw gas bombs, and Spider-Man dives in to save Flash. Although Spider-Man seems temporarily beaten by a gigantic chauffeur, he defeats most of the people who attacked Flash's car, and swings away with Flash to try and get an explanation.

Flash tells Spider-Man that he had been taken away in the car for his protection. He then explains that back in Vietnam, he had been separated from his platoon and wounded when he found an ancient temple. The people who looked after the temple nursed Flash back to health and let him leave. However, upon reaching base, Flash found out that the area the temple was in was to be bombed. With no one believing Flash when he told them that there was a temple in that region, he left base to find the temple again. Luckily, he managed to find the temple, but the people who lived there refused to leave, and were seemingly killed in the bombing.

Since the temple was holy to hundreds of natives, and Flash was seen entering and leaving it, many Vietnamese people believed that the US Army had purposely bombed the temple, and that Flash had told them where it was. Many of the natives wanted Flash dead, which was why Flash had been taken by officials at the end of the previous issue. Spider-Man then returns Flash to the government officials, before heading back to his apartment to change to his Peter Parker identity.

In his apartment, Peter is visited by Gwen Stacy, who tells him about Flash being taken away, since he supposedly doesn't know. Gwen and Peter then go to visit the federal building where Flash has been taken, to try and find out what's happening. However, whilst at the building, Peter spots the chauffeur from before, and sneaks after him as Peter Parker, not wanting Gwen to get suspicious should Spider-Man appear. After putting a spider-tracer on the chauffeur, there is a massive explosion at the end of the room, and Peter has to fight the Vietnamese people who have come for Flash. Unfortunately, the chauffeur stops Peter long enough for them to get away with Flash.







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