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Mayday Parker arrives at school early for once. She plans to work on her speech for the Student Council debate set for that afternoon. She runs into Gene Thompson who is upset that she stood him up again the night before. Then she finds out that her nemesis, Simone kept him company. Her dual life is having it's tolls on her personal life.

Black Tarantula tells Chesbro that he is interested in the disc allegedly containing Wilson Fisk's former criminal organization records. Plans are made to retrieve it.

Jimmy and Wes convince Heather to dress as Spider-Girl so the local comic shop will carry their comic based on the superheroine.

Hobgoblin is irrate that he still doesn't have the disc in his possession. At the same time, his brother Daniel makes a call to bounty hunter, Mad Dog to sell him a tip about the Hobgoblin's plans. Spider-Girl overhears the conversation as she had planned on having her own conversation with Daniel. She is due back at school for her debate but her sense of responsibility get the better of her.

Chesbro and some men along with the Hobgoblin's men fight over obtaining the disc. Spider-Girl manages to save Mona Carlo and get the disc for herself as Mad Dog arrives to deal with the goons.

Barely back to school on time, May gives her speech but turns over her position to her campaign manager, Davida, who she feels is the best person for the school.

Hobgoblin makes plans to get Spider-Girl at her comic book signing.

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