What's He After This Time?

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Now that Thanos is back in the Thanos Imperative, what is he after, what is his endgame?

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The same as it always is. 

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#3 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio
@Final Arrow: Nostalgia!
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actually right now he is not after anything for his own desire, he is acting different for a change and helping out but i believe that he might just be carving the way for something else. We do know that he really wants to return to "Death". But at this time he doesnt wish to destroy or take over anything

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Looks like thanos is starting to go soft on us.

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He isn't after anything. He wasn't happy about being brought back to life. He wants to be with his love, Mistress Death.
But i'm sure he'll enjoy killing some shlubs from the Cancer-Verse for now...

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