Thanos as Cornerstone

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At this point in my life, I've been reading comics for over two decades. Arguably, if not for comics - I might never have begun reading 'real' books whatsoever. At some point in the early '90s - lost in pre-adolescence I blundered into the Infinity Gauntlet like most did who had a pulse and read the funnies at that time. I can't explain it now anymore than I could then - it entranced me. All these heroes - all these galactic entities, surrounding this impossibly iconic character. Watching Iron Man, Cap, Wolverine and Cyc all take a dirt nap at 11 was unfathomable. To see god-like beings brought down by the same person ? Yeah, well - not much has changed.

Nowadays though, I have my wife to castigate me over my character fascinations. Some she tolerates - some not so much. Thanos is one of the latter. Look at the character though, for a moment. For most of you still reading this and not thinking 'TLDR' you are probably like me, late 20's to mid 30's and regard the Gauntlet as something of a watershed moment in your comic life. Feel free to disagree, after all its part of why I posted this. I have yet to get over my fascination with the whole event, the cosmic circumstances which enabled it or even the gems themselves. Mostly though - I can't get away from the man himself; Thanos.

My wife calls it my subconscious portraying Thanos as my Father. There's a ring of truth to that and in fact when she pointed it out to me, I began to see the psychological/emotional connection more clearly expressed. It's a bit like the Vader/Luke classic tragedian act whereupon the son redeems the father. I myself never emulated nor wanted to be like Thanos - yet I came to respect it in time, even if I disagreed. There's something to be said for a man whom does all he can for the woman he loves - only to fail and exile himself away from all else in the hope of redeeming it in some meager fashion. Maybe that's just American romanticism; eschewing the urban to return whence we came, back to the earth - back to the farm.

All I know is, to this day - I go back and read the my wife's eye rolling least once a year. Now, I have even begun going back and buying up all of the surrounding titles to try and read the story that led to his acquiring the gems. No matter where I go, shop, convention or dusty attic - I look for the issues that Thanos might rear his head. All these years - gosh, what a read.

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I agree with you!

First Thanos Rocks!

Second Infinity Gauntlet is a Great Comic!

Third the trilogy was Well Written! I hold all Marvel Stories to the Bar set by the Infinity Gauntlet.

only the Onslaught Story line comes close, but so much falls short. Like you said Heros Vs one bad guy, instead of Hero Vs Hero.

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@Watcherg6: Thanks Watcher, sorry it took me so long to reply ! But its good to see that someone else has a fine appreciation for such a great cosmic event !

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thanos is great.. best villain in marvel cosmic. but i think he has to be involved with major events only to keep him special

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@Grey56: I signed up to this site just reply to this. I feel like I have met my long lost

I too got into comics heavy after reading the Guantlet series.. I sill remember seeing the Cover of IG 4 with Thanos reading "Come and Get Me"

I was hooked since.. Hooked on Thanos sooo bad that I got a about a 8 inch Tat of Thanos (With Gems and all) on my right arm from that era..

Now a father of 2 girls my devotion to Comics has somewhat died down but Thanos is still my dude..If i see a new series with Thanos I buy it. I Probably shouldn't, but I do.

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@by1333: Wow, thanks for taking the time to sign up to respond. Good to see that there are other Thanos guys out there. My wife gives me gruff about my affinity for him but it is what it is. To this day, I'm always in search of a graded near mint copy of Iron Man 55 to add it to the collection. Glad to see that children don't stop the interest in the character though - although I don't know if the wife will agree to my reading them bedtime stories of how Thanos conquered the universe.

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@DrLove: While I do love that the less Thanos is used - the more important his infrequent appearances become. That said though - I truly, wholeheartedly believe the character could be just fine with more exposure and retain relevance. And that said - I agree that it's probably best that he appears rarely - though for selfish reasons.

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