Can U tell the difference between Thanos and skrulls

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yes why not

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One's purple, the other's green.

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No. Both are some ugly f*ckers.

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Thanos is purple-ish grey (or grey-ish purple) while the Skrulls are green... and they're a different species... so I don't have a problem telling the difference... though telling the difference between individual Skrulls is difficult because they all look the same... kinda racist, but also kinda true.

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They both have the same chin.
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@dewboy01 said:

@dewboy01: @dewboThey both have the same chin.

That doesn't mean they're impossible to tell apart.

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@dewboy01 said:

They both have the same chin.

but they're a different color, wear different clothing and (generally) have a different body shape... plus there are also female Skrulls

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Thanos will be the one kicking everyones back side with the infinity gauntlet lol.

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Yes, I certainly can.

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The reason why they look similar is because of the Deviant gene in their systems. Thanos has it as sort of defect, tke Skrulls come from Deviant ancestry.

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