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What lies in store for The Punishers after they confront Thanos and Warlock? A galactic show-down that must be read to be believed. The loyalty of The Punishers is tested when they must face their master Galactus.

Thanos and Pip the troll arrive on Galactus' ship. Pip goes off to plant a series of bombs.

Galactus has set up the Infinity Crux, a cross set with the Infinity Gems. He plans to use them to finally sate his hunger forever. However, Thanos comes in and tells him that he has been tricked, and that his hunger will not be sated after all. Galactus doesn't believe him, and they battle. Thanos does well, but is ultimately defeated, and once again pleads with Galactus to turn off the Crux. Galactus once again does not believe him, and goes forward with his plan.

However, it turns out that Thanos was right, and Hunger, an interdimensional parasite of great power, appears. It is a reality eater, and Galactus is unable to stop it. Thanos has planned for this, however, and sets off Pip's bombs, so that the power to the Infinity Crux will be stopped. However, this doesn't work, and Hunger still draws power from the Crux.

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