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Thanagar is located in the Sector 2682.

Thanagar is the home of Thanagarian Hawk-people like Katar Hol, Shiera Hol and Fel Andar. However, it is also the home to several other races that are deemed inferior by the Hawk-people. One such race, the Lizarkons, are a humanoid lizard-like species. Green Lantern Isamot Kol is a Lizarkon. Despite their difficult relationship, Hawk-people are still united against their enemies, the Rannians.

After the events of Planet Heist, Rann is teleported into the same orbit as Thanagar, causing it to be displaced and burn up. Without an atmosphere, Thanagar was left uninhabitable and the perceived actions of Rann was an act of war. Kyle Rayner and Kilowog terraform the wrecked planet in order to allow it to sustain life again. Once an atmosphere was recreated, the survivors of Thanagar's destruction were able to move back onto the planet and rebuilt their civilization.

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