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The Master of Tortures was ordered By The Dark Lord Mammon to capture Spawn and get information out of him, by any means necessary. Unfortunately for Spawn, he would soon have have to face the Master of Tortures.

Thamuz captured Spawn and put him through incredible tortures both physically and mentally, breaking his mind and body. During one of his tortures he conjured minor demons to take the shape of his greatest enemies so as to taunt him. He also used his dark powers to rip Spawn's soul apart. Unfortunately none of his techniques worked and Spawn managed to escape.

Spawn during Armageddon

When Mammon found out that Spawn had escaped he began to torture Thamuz. Fortunately for Thamuz his master Satan was released from his imprisonment within one of the twins that Wanda Fitzgerald had. Upon his return to Hell he freed Thamuz from Mammon's grasp and offered him the chance to get his revenge on him. Just as Thamuz was ready to torture him, Mammon made a deal with Satan saying that he could increase the ranks of his armies. Using his powers Mammon set off the San Andreas Fault killing hundreds of people. Impressed Satan let mammon go.

During Armageddon Thamuz was released upon the Earth. During his rampage however Spawn found him and using his new powers he killed Thamuz after he literally punched his face off. Thamuz has yet to be seen or heard from again.

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