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Thalis was a pale-skinned Stygian who arrived in the city of Xuthal as a girl and had learnt of the town's history. She endure being the subject of the townsmen's desires and did not consume the dream-inducing black lotus like others of Xuthal did. She immediately desired Conan the moment she laid eyes on him, attempting on the life of his female companion Natala and rid out the competition. She tried to sway Conan with promises of power, to make him king of Xuthal. He declined, so she distracted the barbarian and pulled Natala away through a hidden trapdoor in the wall. The two woman fought briefly but Thalis was able to overcome Natala and tied her up before brutally whipping her. Natala's cries of pain woke Thog, the Slittering Shadow, from his sleep who attacked Thalis and devoured her.

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