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Thaddeus Filmore was created by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. He was first introduced into the DCU after the relaunch of 2011.


Thaddeus Filmore is the grandson of the legendary film mogul Graham Filmore. He tried to follow his grandfathers footsteps but none of hi films received a theatrical release. In fact only a handful of reels have ever been seen. The subject matter of his documentaris was in some cases pure evil. He captured footage of the asmat cannibals ritualistically devouring a prisoner of war. He shot several reels of humans being eaten by animals, tortured in war and he also produced several snuff films. When the cyclone hit India's southeast andhra coast on november 19, 1977, he was there filming the carnage and survivors in what he called the grand theater of human suffering. It was this event that had the biggest impact on his life's work and quest for supernatural power. Individual suffering to him was the equivalent of a television show, but natural disasters were big budget studio pictures with millions of extras.

The Hollywood communitiy considered Thaddeaus to be a crimingally insane. As a result, he withdrew from society and used his fathers money before disappearing in 1981. He was in South America looking to document something called the Lazarus Pit, rumored to be able to extende or create life. Six month after his disappearance a detective hired by the Filmore family made contact with a remote tribe along the border of Peru and Brazil. The man was shown what remained of Thaddeaus Filmore. No one in the tribe spoke, they just presented him with a single canister of film shot by Filmore during his time with them. It was proof that Thaddeus was dead an no one watched it. His family was too frightened, so they shelved ist.


A profesor and three of his students got the canister and watched the movie. It really showed how Thaddeus died and how he was thrown into the Lazarus Pit. After that, Thaddeus was resurrected out of the movie and killed the Professor.

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