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Abruptly appearing from Mystery Island alongside his comrades Steg and Dac in Chinatown via Danny the Street. He warns Dac to maintain line of sight on them and avoids coming into conflict with a police officer. When he perceived Kid Flash to be threatening Dac, he attacks him and reveals that he is the fastest hunter in the Rushing Greens before they set out to find Steg. They find him releasing a biological agent that turns lizards into dinosauroid creatures and Teryx reveals that Steg is a dino-supremacist who sees it as his destiny to create a dinosaur society. Kid Flash notices the love triangle between the group and then admits, internally, that he wants to be Teryx when he grows up or 'de-evolves.'

When he discovers Steg and Dac's true plans, he sides with Kid Flash to stop them and suggests that they contact the speedster's allies after hearing about the rampant of dinosaur creatures.

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