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Terri was a fellow student at Hudson U and met Dick Grayson there. There was a connection between the two and they went on a date together, during which Dick got the impression that Terri had psychic powers.

During a shooting investigation, Dick followed a suspect to a commune in upstate Gotham. There he ran into Terri yet again, this time in the guise of Robin. It was during this time that Terri confided in him that she was searching for someone, though she did not say who it was. Dick again thought that Terri might be psychic; he even wondered if Terri knew that Dick and Robin were the same person.

Their paths would cross yet again while Robin was helping a man named Rick Asher. Terri pulled Robin into a dream-like state and showed him how to help Asher. Running into Dick for a third time convinced her that he was the connection she needed to find the missing person. She told him she was looking for her cousin.

At the same time, Lilith Clay felt an odd psychic sensation. She asked teammate Wally West to take her to Hudson University. Wally dropped her off and she then asked him to leave. Lilith confronted Terri and Dick, but the three were attacked by cultists. They repelled the attack, but a demon was awakened in Terri and she turned on Lilith and Dick, knocking them unconscious. They awoke to find Terri gone.

Dick and Lilith tracked down Terri, when Dick realized the demon was not real. It was a manifestation of anger at Lilith. Terri had suffered a powerful psychic feedback from Lilith during the fight with the cultists. Lilith used her powers to defeat Terri, who had no recollection of her time with the demon. Lilith realized she had to leave before the demon in Terri awoke again. Lilith departed, hoping that one day she and Terri could reunite under better circumstances.

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