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The Terminauts were created by writer Grant Morrison and drawn by artist Rags Morales.


These mechanical entities were first created on Yod-Colu following the banishment of Vril Dox from the planet. Despite being exiled, he managed to return to his homeworld through the aid of the planetary system C.O.M.P.U.T.O. This led to Dox being determined in combating what he believed was an invasion by the Fifth Dimension through the Multitude ravaging known space. His analysis determined that Colu itself was on the path of the rampaging Multitude and after upgrading himself he created the Terminauts to help preserve artifacts from a doomed planet. The first acquisition was from Yod-Colu before bottling a city and leaving his homeworld as the Multitude arrived. Afterwards, he would repeat the process on numerous other planets where the Terminauts would form where they preserved relics with the Collector saving a city from the attack.

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