Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo Cast in 'Ninja Turtles' Film

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On Friday, Deadline claimed Alan Ritchson (Smallville, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire)will play as Raphael, and today the website alleges they know who has been cast as the rest of the Heroes in a Half Shell. According to the website, Pete Ploszek (Parks & Rec, Shameless) is Leonardo, Jeremy Howard (Galaxy Quest, Breaking Bad) isDonatello, and Noel Fisher (Battle Los Angeles) is Michelangelo.


Megan Fox will play as April O'Neil and Jonathan Liebesman will direct. The film is currently scheduled to release June 6, 2014 and the actors will use performance capture for the Turtles.

Quick note: if you're going to be passionate about the franchise and complain about the film, please try to actuallysupport the franchise as well. Buy the current IDW series or watch the Nick show -- both are excellent.

Source: Deadline

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Well, I still will have faith in this so long as it isn't messed up. So far the names seem to ring truth with me...and I suppose I can get past Fox as O'Neil. I'm still excited.

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eh...I'll wait till it gets closer to coming out and we get a sense of what the movie will be before becoming concerned.

Question: What is a better way to support the new comics? Buy each issue or buying TPBs? I've been preordering every TPB as soon as they become available because I love reading them but often wonder if this is hurting more then helping.

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Holy shit, Leonardo is my old High school locker partner. Good guy, really fits the character. Kinda goody two shoes but in a really respectable way. Always found it nice that he seemed concerned about my partying-too-hard.

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